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Professional Code Generator Product Overview


Professional Code Generator tool ProCG for Data Layer, Data Access Layer and Entity/Component Layer

A well-developed application, no matter how large or small, should be written with source code maintenance in mind. One of the best approaches of maintenance is to use a layered paradigm when designing the application. This approach dictates that the application be designed in at least three layers: a presentation layer, a business logic layer, and a data access layer (DAL). These layers can be coded within the application, or they can be separate components outside of the application. This separation allows for a more easily maintained code base and also ensures that when the time comes to turn the code into a component, the effort required would be minimal. Separating this functionality into a component also makes the code far easier to debug, extend, and reuse.

One of the most repetitive tasks that developers face is to write a database access layer to interface with the back-end RDBMS system. This task most often involves writing data classes that wrap the schema of the tables and a set of manager classes that handle the storage and retrieval of these objects. This is a cumbersome and time consuming task which takes developers days or even weeks to code. Manual coding can produce poor results, often with lots of typos and/or mistakes.

The ProCG Code Generator allows you to program the interaction and application logic, while freeing you from the peculiarities of language and deployment environments. The result: you can transfer your programming skills to new web environments with speed, ease and confidence.

The Professional Code Generator ProCG generates all the files needed for the data, database layers and the Entity / Component layer.

Professional Code Generator ProCG Highlights

Based on simple and intuitive definitions.
If your database is defined already you can load the definitions directly from your database. 
The definitions are made by a simple forms and grids.
  Items to define:
Project - You can define several projects to work on.
Database -Your database information. This will let Professional Code Generator know your database type and a way to work with it in some of the utility programs (for example: Load definitions from the database schema).
Records - Records are mapped 'One to One' to tables in the database. We use Record and Table interchangeably. For each Record we define it's fields, indices, and relationships with other tables in the application.
Structures - A Structure is a collections of fields which are used for passing parameters or to get values from an access method result.
Relationships - They are used to define the relationships between tables.
Access Methods - In general, an access method is a SQL Command which has to be provided.
Codes -A mechanism to hold all code description couples in one table. If there is a field which is a code for something (for example, integer code for different Credit Card Types), we define the field in the record as a code (short int) and define a codes table for all Credit Card Types we have in the system.

The Codes normally are static, and are not changed frequently. We use codes in a list box, a combo box or as enum values for codes.

Professional Code Generator ProCG gives you a class to work with the codes table, keeping the codes table in memory; thus, the next time you need any information from the table, you get it from the memory instead of the database.
After defining the above information - you can generate code.
Application servers supported (J2EE):
WebLogic - Professional Code Generator ProCG generates all the files.
Other J2EE Application servers - Professional Code Generator ProCG generates all files defined in the Sun J2EE specification.
Languages supported and technologies:
Entity Bean BMP ( Bean Managed Persistence)
Entity Bean CMP ( Container Managed Persistence)
ADO with smart pointers.
C# (CSharp)
iGenXSoft plans to facilitate code generation for the following environments in the near future:
And more...
Databases supported:
SQL Server
MS Access
Supports all other standard databases without using their proprietary features (for example: Auto increment fields, rowid fields and more).
Field types supported ( The implementation varies by the language):
Integer (1,2,4,8 bytes)
Real (4,8 bytes)
Var Text
Long Var Text
Var Binary
Long Var Binary
Date Time
Row Version - relying on time­stamp columns to enforce optimistic concurrency.
Support of Auto Increment fields by the proprietary feature of a database, or if the specific database does not support auto increment fields, Professional Code Generator ProCG implements code for auto increment fields.
Supports missing (null) values (even for primitive type like int).
Imports the Database definitions from your database (no need to define the Table Records, etc).
Based on Access Methods that you define. For any action you want to do with the database, you need to define access method.
At any point during development in Professional Code Generator, you can click on the "Examples" button to see actual examples of definitions.


Code Generator ProCG Advantages

Professional Code Generator ProCG saves you a third of your total cost of application development.. For example, if you generate code for 1 table, it will cost you $10 (for one month) with Professional Code Generator. To program this code manually takes between 9 to 19 hours. The savings in development cost alone is staggering. Plus, the code Professional Code Generator generates is already proofed, debugged, tested and confirmed, and not so with the manually generated code.
The code generated by ProCG is akin to code written by top the line expert programmers. You can check this claim by studying the generated code. Go to the Product Information bar on our web site, and view the sample project and the sample generated code. Furthermore, you can register as a user, test the Professional Code Generator ProCG, and study the generated code.
The generated code gives you the ability to interfere in the operation by overriding functions.
Professional Code Generator ProCG generates a Test program that you can use to test the generated files immediately, you will not spend time to integrate the generated files to your application just to check that the generated code is working.
The generated ProCG code is optimized for performance and maintability. For instance, if you use a Sql Command once. Then the following time you run the same Sql Command , Professional Code Generator ProCG already executes the sql command, in a prepared statement mode, meaning that the SQL server does not need to reinterpret the code, reanalyze and recreate an execution plan for it. The ProCG saves the prepared statement and reuses it. In the future, we will also support stored procedures.
Saves all the tedious work of binding the parameters and columns.
The ProCG Engine is based on a "model of rules" and therefore, updating to support code generation of new technologies, or to fix an error, is quick and easy. Therefore, you are completely assured of the feasibility of internal ProCG maintenance, support of future code technologies, and error correction, in a timely manner on our part.
Lets you build the application and not the infrastructure. For example, the Professional Code Generator code takes care of all of the infrastructure details, leaving you time to deal with the actual application coding.
ProCG allows one standard of data access programming that covers multiple technologies.
You don't need to invest thousands of dollars to work with Professional Code Generator ProCG, you pay as you use it, i.e, pay per tables you generate code for.
You get $200 as initial credit to test the Professional Code Generator system without risk or obligation to you. The $200 initial credit is enough to generate code for 20 tables, which is more than enough to thoroughly test Professional Code Generator ProCG. So register now to test Professional Code Generator with no risk! Register...
Register now for Data, Data Access and Component Layers source code generation . Contact us at for any further information on Code Generator ProCG.

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